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AIE & COSASCO Sign Global Technology Partnership

21 Feb

Asset Integrity Engineering (AIE) is pleased to announce the signing of a global technology partnership with Cosasco, industry leader for corrosion and asset monitoring devices with over 1.5 million monitoring points globally.

About AIE:

We are a leading provider of asset management and sustainability services which improve operational reliability, safety, and asset protection whilst at the same time helping to maximise plant performance.

AIE is a recognised leader in corrosion management services through the Veracity software platform, and we are currently supporting the corrosion management of assets producing over 2.5 million barrels of oil per day.  Veracity provides a holistic solution to clients from desktop analysis to site execution through the veracity app.

About Cosasco:

Cosasco is the global industry leader of asset monitoring products and services for a range of applications and different industry sectors.   With extensive experience in corrosion monitoring devices, installation and commissioning, access under pressure and data acquisition, Cosasco is capable of catering to the different monitoring requirements of clients worldwide.

Cosasco shares AIE’s vision of delivering advanced technical solutions to a wide range of industries, and both parties are at the forefront of the digital and energy transition taking place to safeguard critical infrastructure for people and the environment.

Technology Partnership:

The world of asset management is changing with real time data and AI prediction as the key drivers in future decision making and plant optimisation.  This partnership aims to harness the strengths of both companies to offer a leading software and real time monitoring solutions backed up by a world class service capability

Cosasco’s innovative product range will deliver high quality, on-demand data seamlessly to the Veracity CCM platform to ensure the true benefits of real time monitoring are realised.  Veracity CCM will then seamlessly provide analysis tools, drive decision making, reporting and digital field data capture via the Veracity application, all to the Veracity cloud platform.


AIE Managing Director, Neil Flemming commented, “AIE continues to disrupt the market we serve. We consider the majority of existing asset management programs to be inefficient, expensive and reactive. We constantly promote a modern, proactive, and holistic strategy for managing our clients’ assets.  

We recognise the importance of working with leading partners and we are excited to sign this global technology partnership with Cosasco to bring our Veracity CCM software and application to support the next stage of industry development and digital transformation.”

Cosasco President, Christene Banda commented, “Cosasco’s vision is to safeguard critical infrastructure for people and the environment by providing access to meaningful data.  Our portfolio of sensors deliver precise and accurate data that can now be integrated into AIE’s platform giving our customers enhanced visibility into their assets in real-time. Giving our customers access to data through the AIE platform will really increase their ability to make effective decisions quickly and confidently.”

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