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AIE Corrosion Modelling Tool

31 Oct

AIE has developed its own in-house corrosion modelling tool, which they plan to integrate with their already established Veracity Chemical and Corrosion Management (CCM) software in 2019. The tool is primarily focused on modelling CO2 corrosion rates in upstream and downstream oil and gas production systems, although there are plans to extend this scope to include other threats, including sour service cracking, H2S pitting, erosion-corrosion and Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC).

CO2 Corrosion Rates

CO2 corrosion rates are calculated in accordance with the industry-renowned de Waard ’93 and ’95 papers with factors applied to account for the effects of oil-wetting, salinity and pH on estimated corrosion rates, depending on the service of the pipeline.

The tool includes calculation of bottom-of-line (BOL) corrosion occurring as a result of water wetting from the bulk fluids, as well as a separate assessment of top-of-line (TOL) corrosion in susceptible pipelines. The effect of corrosion inhibition is also considered by inclusion of an availability term, which may also be used to support definition of corrosion management KPIs.

review and audit of chemical management systems

Benefits of Corrosion Modelling

The AIE corrosion modelling tool will be available to all clients at no additional charge. The tool provides a standardised, fast and efficient means of estimating CO2 corrosion rates and following future development, a holistic approach for assessing a wider range of corrosion threats, which may be used to support corrosion management and assessment throughout every stage of the facility life cycle:

  • Pipeline design and material selection
  • Support in-service integrity assessment
  • Inspection planning
  • Root cause analysis

Corrosion Management Services

AIE strongly believes that an integrated and systematic approach to corrosion management is fundamental to maintaining asset integrity, reliability and safety. The AIE Corrosion Modelling Tool represents the latest development in AIE’s comprehensive corrosion management services, following the launch of Veracity CCM earlier in the year and Corrosion Management training course in 2017.

Veracity CCM is already utilized by a number of AIE’s key clients, supporting a holistic and proactive approach to corrosion management that enables operators to manage their threats more effectively and realise the positive impact this has on the economic, environment, health and safety aspects of their business.

AIE’s training courses are popular amongst operators throughout the MENA region. The corrosion management training course introduces and expands on the concept of corrosion, the different mechanisms and the various corrosion monitoring and mitigation techniques. It ensures that the attendees take away with them a detailed understanding of the different corrosion phenomena and how to identify and manage them in an operational environment.

If you would like to know more about any of AIE’s corrosion management services and how we may be able to assist you, please visit our contact us page and we will promptly respond to your inquiry.

corrosion management software

Providing a holistic approach for corrosion, chemical and flow assurance management, our market leading software, Veracity CCM enables operators to manage their key threats more effectively thereby maintaining plant up-time whilst reducing unplanned maintenance and costly repairs.

To learn more about Veracity CCM, click here.

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