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A Closer Look At The VERACITYAPP

22 Dec

veracity app


The veracityapp is a digital field reporting solution for online & offline data capture. With the veracityapp, users can access a wide variety of custom inspection and maintenance report templates using any Android device.


  • Digitalisation of traditional manual reporting processes
  • Improves quality and consistency in field reporting
  • Links web-based IM software and the field inspection execution
  • Eliminates Poor data quality (consistency) hindering analytics
  • Removes delays and inefficiencies between data collection and reporting
  • Ensures asset registers are maintained and up to date
  • Provides access to key data when completing site works
  • Provides a structured and verified workflow approval
  • Monitors workforce efficiency and delivery


The veracityapp is a customisable data collection tool, allowing live reporting, asset register updates with task allocation and completion all within an intuitive user interface.

  • Live: Captured data (reporting & asset registers) uploaded live and directly to Veracity inspection to improve data oversight and responsiveness
  • Data integrity: Change approval to provide control over key data changes / uploads
  • Location: Geo-tagging assets, inspections (anomalies) and tasks. Improving repeatability and confidence that the correct item was inspected.
  • Tasks: Allocation and completion of task with records of time taken to improve future planning
  • Workpacks: Reporting structures reflective of the assigned digital workpacks to ensure the correct assets / CMLs are inspected
  • Analytics: data input and format consistent to allow meaningful analytics
  • Alerts: In app alerts when data (e.g. UT thickness) is outside minimum / maximum criteria


The veracityapp enables users take the next step in their digital transition journey whilst achieving improved reporting standards and efficiency.

The veracityapp allows clearer oversight of asset condition and meaningful analytics, which results in quicker decision making (live data), improved data confidence (consistency) and greater understanding of asset status (analytics).


Client: National Oil Company (Client name removed for confidentiality purposes)

Asset: Onshore Oil Production Facility

Location: UAE


AIE was approached by an onshore national oil company to assist in an overhaul of their asset integrity management system.  The existing system was in-efficient, and data was found to be inconsistent with limited engineering evaluation done.

The client required support with; updating asset registers, RBI, creating workpacks, data collection, data analysis, anomaly management and inspection scheduling.

The aim was to deliver a renewed and fully digitalised AIM system with accurate data, meaningful analytics and clear oversight.


AIE delivered on all the client requirements through use of the Veracity software platform, but specifically with data collection and reporting via the veracityapp.

Through using the veracityapp the data collected was consistent and verified against approved forms with performance criteria defined and applied. A 5 stage approval process was adopted allowing oversight for the client engineers on all new and updated data. The Veracity App is linked directly to Veracity Inspection module where the data was uploaded, and auto-analytics is carried out.


  • Realised inspection reporting efficiency improvements of up to 60%
  • Fully digitalised pressure system inspection reporting process: 708 assets registered with 900+ item inspections and reports completed
  • Greater oversight of asset condition and inspection coverage through analytics and dashboards allowing better allocation of resources
  • Improved confidence in collected data
  • Previously overlooked integrity threats identified and leak mitigation scopes put in place
  • Inspector performance metrics defined

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