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A Short Introduction to Well Integrity

14 Sep

well integrity

What is Well Integrity?

Well Integrity is defined in NORSOK D-010 Standard, Rev 4, as the “application of technical, operational and organizational solutions to reduce risk of uncontrolled release of formation fluids and well fluids throughout the life cycle of a well”.

Why is Well Integrity Important?

Loss of well integrity and failure to act after well equipment failure is identified can have serious safety consequences for the people in and out of the facility as well as company assets as a result of the release of toxic substances (e.g. H2S gas) or ignition resulting in fire and/or explosion.

These leaks or blowouts may be catastrophic, leading to injury and fatalities, monetary losses, liability issues and severe environmental impacts.

How Can Operators Manage Well Integrity?

Effective well integrity management is an industry challenge worldwide. Operators often struggle to understand the integrity status of their well stock and find themselves reacting to unplanned events rather than taking a proactive and more cost-effective approach. This could be due to the extensive number of assets requiring evaluation, reduced resources, harsh conditions, and the growing demand for extended well service life.

A Well integrity assessment provides a methodology for well integrity status evaluation through identifying and assessing well barrier system hazards, providing control and recovery measures, and maintaining a documented demonstration that major well barrier system risks have been reduced to a level that is as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP).

Our industry standard risk management approach includes the following principles:

  1. Eliminate or reduce risks to As Low as Reasonably Practicable (ALARP). NORSOK Z-013 states that ALARP “[…] expresses that the risk level is reduced (through a documented and systematic process) so far that no further cost-effective measure is identified”. This ensures that the costs and benefits of risk reduction are not grossly disproportionate.

  2. Apply appropriate control, protection and mitigation measures for risks which cannot be eliminated.

  3. Where appropriate, inform the relevant personnel (construction, operations, maintenance etc.) of residual risks and indicate whether it is necessary to take appropriate special measures and precautions to reduce the risks at the time of installation and/or use.

Our Well Integrity Software Solution

AIE has developed a leading Well integrity software solution, Veracity Wells, which provides operators with a standardized approach for risk assessing and managing well integrity across their fields.

This software allows our clients to evaluate whether their wells are fit for operations and long-term containment in a systematic and efficient manner.

Key Features of Veracity Wells

  • Intuitive dashboard and multiple reporting options
  • Visualizes well barriers and defines their minimum design, qualification & testing requirements to satisfy international standards (e.g. NORSOK D-10 & ISO/TS 16530-2).
  • Geographically outlines the field and its associated wells.
  • Manages safe operating envelopes and well events data.
  • Aids in determining whether well integrity requirements are being met and, if not, defines the necessary steps that should be taken to meet these requirements.
  • Integrates with Operating integrity window and anomaly management modules
  • Aligns the applicable mitigation measures for the different well barrier elements based on risk and integrity assessment results.


Contact AIE today

We are a leading provider of a wide range of asset integrity services which improve operational reliability, safety and asset protection whilst at the same time helping to maximize plant performance and mitigate the constant challenges and hazards facing heavy industries such as Oil and Gas, Power Generation and Mining.

Engage our veracity wells software today and move towards an optimized strategy for well integrity management.

To learn more about Veracity Wells, click here.

To request a free demo or for further inquiries on well integrity management support, contact our team today.

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