Sustainability Due Diligence and Compliance

An independent assessment is a valuable tool for understanding the operational risks and impacts within an organization, or within organizations involved in a merger or acquisition.

As an independent body performing due diligence reviews and compliance assessments, is a core strength of AIE’s business. Understanding one’s risks and legal compliance in relation to sustainability shortcomings is an important step to identifying priority actions that will enable informed decision-making and ensure sustainable operations.

Sustainability Due Diligence

We tailor the scope of our assessments to each client’s specific needs. AIE’s expertise in operating and integrity management ensures that clients also gain a comprehensive understanding of their technical and integrity risks, including broader HSE, legal compliance and operating risks.

The scope of a sustainability assessment could, for example, include the following:

  • Assessment of an operating asset against national legal compliance and international standards
  • Due diligence of a business unit being considered for acquisition
  • Due diligence of an operating asset in order to provide a baseline from which to start the journey towards operational excellence

Contact AIE to define a scope that will meet your needs.

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