Safety, Health, Environment & Quality

At AIE, we take our responsibilities towards the health and safety of our personnel, protection of the environment, and the quality of our services very seriously. We operate and enforce an accredited safety, environmental and quality management system in accordance with ISO and other international standards.


Safety, health, environment and quality are our top priorities and these are embedded in our working culture and company philosophy. AIE staff provide services covering an extensive range of hazardous and complex environments where the risks vary greatly. Our world-class SHE&Q culture ensures that our personnel are provided with the necessary training and skills needed to understand, risk assess and manage these threats effectively.

  • We Believe
  • • Maintaining the highest standards of Safety, Health, Environment and Quality is crucial to the successful development of our company and the well-being of our staff.
  • • Zero work-related accidents and incidents is achievable.
  • • All work-related accidents and incidents are preventable.
  • • No work is so important that it cannot be carried out safely and accurately.
  • • Only transparent, honest and professional conduct is acceptable.
  • We Will
  • • Continually minimize risk to our employees, take the initiative in identifying new hazards, and regularly update and improve our SHE&Q management system.
  • • Report and fully understand all unsafe acts, accidents and incidents in order to ensure learning and prevent re-occurrence.
  • • Ensure the correct level of competence and capability of our employees.

We are immediately available to support any requests or
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